Ted "Theodore" Logan



Awareness 2
Coordination 3
Ingenuity 3
Presence 3
Resolve 3
Strength 3

Story Points: 14

Attractive (Minor Good Trait)
Charming (Minor Good Trait)
Eccentric – “Wyld Stallions rule!” (Minor Bad Trait)
Forgetful (Minor Bad Trait)
Run for your Life! (Minor Good Trait)
Time Traveller (Minor Good, familiar with Tech Level 2)
Time Traveller (Major Good, familiar with Tech Level 9)
Vortex (Special Good)
Inexperienced (Special Bad)

Athletics 3
Convince 3
Craft – Awesome Guitar 3 (+2 Excellent Chords)
Fighting 1
Knowledge 2
Subterfuge 2
Technology 1


Theodore Logan – “Ted” to his friends – is one of the Two Great Ones whose music forms the foundations of the 27th Century civilization of the Most Excellent Dudes of Time. Ted is a poet and philosopher, writing the songs that shape the future of humanity itself.

Or he will, one day. Right now, he needs a lot of practice.

Gifted with a Time Capsule by the Most Excellent Dudes of Time to ensure that they achieve their awesome destiny, Ted roams the Time Vortex with his best friend Bill, bringing a message of peace and love to all they meet.

And bitchin’ rock. Totally bitchin’ rock.

Ted "Theodore" Logan

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